it's simple. this shop offers all original art created by me, miriam, all under 60 minutes.

why 60 minutes you say? because i find that i like my rough sketches, block ins, and warm ups better than my drawings i spend hours and hours upon. crazy, i know!

let me explain: there is something about knowing you only have 47 seconds left to lay in that eye, and left ear. the stars align and something snaps in your head - you can see everything and summarize. I guess it's called intense focus. and because every tick of time counts, it forces you to prioritize and consolidate, to really get down to the meat and core of things and find the very essence of it. all of a sudden you have a perfectly contoured left ear and eye. no noodling involved.

and i like that. it's empowering and exciting. most others i've seen don't like block ins, yet i find it to be the most fun part of the creative process. that's why i am offering these drawings up to you. they are a window into my world, how i process, and how i record things in the truest and most fleeting sense. i find that tantalizing and fascinating. 

hence the simplistic name of curve and line. hence why i don't capitalize my i's. and hence why i will stop writing anymore.