dear reader,

howard thurman once said, "don't ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

this, you could say, is what i strive for in my creative process, whatever that may be. my art will change as i do, and will morph, refine, and transform through the years. but as long as it always comes from the my heart, it will be of worth. then i will have accomplished my goal.

but before i get too philosophical on you, let me debrief you on miriam. that's me.

* i love music. to sing jazz, to strum earnst - my ukulele - to tickle ivory, and to toot horns. well, tooting horns is of the past. those good ol' days.

* i adore cats. i love their little faces, twirling tails, and lazy and affectionate behaviors.

* i do also love dogs. i will probably own as many dogs and cats as i can. I am also every furry thing's friend and defender. i love animals with a heart full of passion.

* i am quietly and conivingly competitive. mostly when playing board games with my family. i like to plot and surprise them all.

* i enjoy learning on all levels, subjects, and scales - from a loose and non-memorizing requiring anatomy lesson to a biased and in-depth health documentary.

* i can't imagine my life without family - immediate or imminent. i come from a large family and plan on having the same. i love all the trials, variety, and dynamics you get with large groups of people.

* i am devoutly dedicated to healthy living - that includes relationships, morals, mind and body, duty to country, and god.

* i am a hard up junkie for all things vintage, reuseable, green, local, handmade, and grassroots-y. as mr. thurman meant, the change the world needs can only start with and by you.

well, there's some of me. let me know what you think. ask questions. i love hearing from you.